Plan for your Fall 2023 Parking at the University of Florida

For many University of Florida students, finding a place to park is as tricky as finding a place to live.

With most undergraduates living off-campus in one of the many UF student apartment complexes around campus, University of Florida students often need to drive to campus to attend classes, study sessions, and meetings. Campus shuttles and bikes are another popular option but aren’t as quick as going to campus – assuming parking options are available for student use. 

To help current and future University of Florida students navigate the parking options available, here’s a rundown of parking and transportation options at UF. 

Parking permit options at the University of Florida

Six types of permit options are available to students at the University of Florida.

Permit types are primarily based on whether a student lives on or off campus, but some are also determined by credit hours to give upperclassmen additional parking options. 

The student permit types available for the 2022-2023 school year are:

  1. Park & Ride
    • Available to undergraduate students living off-campus
    • Allows for parking in Any Permit zones
  2. Green
    • Available to graduate and professional students living off-campus
    • Allows for parking in Green and Any Permit zones
  3. Red 1
    • Available to students living on campus who have completed 50 or more credit hours
    • Allows for parking in Red 1, All Red, and Any Permit zones
  4. Red 3
    • Available to students living on campus who have completed fewer than 50 credit hours
    • Allows for parking in All Red and Any Permit zones
  5. Brown 2
    • Available to students living in Corry Hall, Maguire Hall, and University Village Family Housing on-campus
    • Allows for parking in Brown 2 and Any Permit zones
  6. Brown 3
    • Available to students living in Diamond Family Housing Village on-campus
    • Allows for parking in Brown 3 and Any Permit zones

Cost of parking permits at the University of Florida

Students at the University of Florida can buy parking passes by the week, month, semester, or year, to match their driving needs.

While annual and semester parking passes are the most popular, students who need to park a car after heading home for breaks – like between the Thanksgiving holiday and the start of winter break – can purchase a limited-time parking pass without committing to an entire semester or year. 

The parking permit rates for the 2022-2023 school year at the University of Florida are as follows:

  • Annual Parking Permit – $160
  • Semester Parking Permit – $80
  • Monthly Parking Permit – $35
  • Weekly Parking Permit – $15

Where to park at the University of Florida

Given the size of the University of Florida campus, there are numerous options for students looking to park their cars.

However, most lots are limited to the permit type to ensure only those students living in one of the nearby resident halls or villages can park while reserving spaces for faculty and staff. 

Most open lots that allow for all permit types are located in the northwest corner of campus between University Avenue and Museum Road. The most prominent student parking location is O’Connell Center NW, off University Avenue just north of the O’Connell Center Arena, allowing any permit holder to park between 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. There is also a garage in this lot for an indoor parking option near the area and stadiums. 

Most other garages are located in the southeast corner of campus, near the Physics and Engineering buildings and teaching hospital, although most are restricted. Students are advised to do a dry run of their parking options before heading to class to see which options are available closest to their academic buildings or residence halls to ensure they aren’t left driving around to find a permit-approved spot while rushing to class.  

Bus system at the University of Florida

The campus bus system at the University of Florida is called the RTS (Regional Transit System), and the City of Gainesville operates it.

Rather than developing its bus network, the University of Florida contracts with the City of Gainesville to allow UF students to ride the RTS for free throughout the city, including stops in and around the UF campus. The stops are on the main roads around and through the university – including University Avenue, Museum Road, and 16th Avenue – and require some walking to a student’s final destination. 

To help get around campus, UF does run two free shuttles – the Campus Connector Circulator and Campus Connector Express – with free rides around the University of Florida campus. These shuttle routes only operate Monday – Friday with limited service hours and return to each stop every 15-20 minutes, so the service isn’t as consistent as what students will find with RTS. 

Bicycle options on-campus at the University of Florida

Bicycling around campus is becoming an increasingly popular option for students who live near campus but want to avoid the time and cost of finding a parking space for their car.

The university helps encourage bicycling by offering bike racks throughout campus – including in front of nearly all academic buildings – and 29 fix-it stations for quick bike repairs and tire inflations. 

UF is building more secure bike parking areas within parking garages to encourage students further to bicycle to campus. UF offers a bike share program for students interested in trying bicycling or using it when they are in classes without the cost of purchasing their own. 

Off-campus apartment parking options at the University of Florida

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